Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Big Middle Finger

In years past, I'll admit it, winter has had me beat. The brewery gets cold, arctic temperatures while walking the dog, digging out the fork lift in the alley, etc. But not this year. We at Half Acre are taking a stance and our friend, Winter, gets the big middle finger.

First day of December and you want to drop some snow, no problem pal, I hope it's up to my femurs by mid afternoon. Twenty-five degrees, that's ok, let me shed a layer because the sweat is beginning to dampen my shorts and tank-top.

No crying this winter, Winter, it's all bravado and smooth sailing over here. Our first dagger in your side: Double Daisy Cutter. We've kicked up a big batch of this and it's gurgling away in our cellar as I type. It will first be available to be consumed at will during our party, On Photon, on 12/18. After that it will be available in our store for growler pours and in 22oz bottles.

So smoke that, Winter.

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL


Dave T. said...


Andrew said...

ha! excellent. old man winter can suck it.

Kicker said...

Score! I missed the boat this summer when it first came out :(

Anonymous said...

In your face, old man winter.

Anonymous said...

In your face, old-man winter.

The Real Mr. Tee