Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dripping over Everest

Two things folks:

First, tomorrow we release Dripping Saison. We're really happy with this effort. We aimed to carve this beer from the heart wood of what a Saison can achieve during the warm months. Quenching.

Draft only: $12 growler refills / $16 with a new growler
Released at our brewery at 12noon on June 29th, 2011.

Second, we have some friends that like to stomp around the earth seeing new things. They've always been kind enough to throw on some Half Acre T's when visiting far flung places and snap a photo for the guys in the brewery back home. They're trying to win a competition that would send them to base camp in Nepal. All they need is votes. Voting is super easy, just two clicks of your mice. If you have a minute, click this link and vote for them -- they're really close to being in the top few that actually get to go and walk up the big hill.

Many Thanks,

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL


Andrew said...

are you getting a better idea as to when captain fantasy may be ready?

Biggs. said...

Sweet! I'll be there with my Growler. =)

Yinka Double Dare said...

Will you guys be open on Sunday? Would love to stop by and grab a growler or two for a BBQ that evening.

Aaron Manheimer said...

I think the Half Acre T-Shirt has already been to Everest Base Camp... How about the top???