Friday, June 24, 2011

Dripping Saison

The Dripping Saison will be released on Wednesday June 29th.

This is an all draft / growler pour beer, so bring your glass and take home 64oz of summer.


Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL


Ethan said...

Sounds good. Looking forward to it.

sleestakk said...

Yum. What's the abv?

Anonymous said...

T shirts?

Sonny said...

LOOKS good!. That label is drippy!

Anonymous said...

Do I need my own growler or can I buy one at Half Acre. I know... I'm lame for not having one.

Mark said...

What time does it start?

Gabriel said...

The beer will be roughly 5% abv.
We will not have t-shirts of this one.... youch.
You can buy a growler here.
We'll begin selling the beer at 12noon on Wednesday.

Bob Barker said...

"And the actual retail price is..."