Thursday, June 16, 2011

Forklifts are King

We knew a long time ago that our forklift was the key to our brewery. Pretty much everything we do gets heavy real quick, so using our forklift is crucial, but these days someone is using a forklift almost continuously in our brewery.

We had a forklift called the Pork Chop Express, but the Chop was experiencing some technical difficulties and kept crapping out on us, so we brought in another forklift we're tentatively calling Digital SeƱor. We're putting Digital S. through the paces.

To illustrate our point that any self respecting outfit needs a forklift, I'm sharing with you a couple things accomplished with a forklift today.

First -- we got another 60bbl fermenter today. This chunker is sorely needed and will be the bookend in the almost complete line of new tanks. The last one comes in about three weeks. We used two forklifts to get it in and upright.

Second, when Matt innocently pulled up in front of the brewery today, ready to brew and do his part, the ground gave way and Matt and his car fell in. In my mind there are a couple things that you should invariably be able to rely on -- one of those is the earth below you. Not so today.

Fortunately, we were armed with a slew of forklifts and were able to pick up Matt's car and restore what simple truths we have left.

If you don't have one, do yourself a favor and go grab a forklift for your home or business. Father's Day is this weekend -- might I recommend a 5000 lb truck with a quad lift and side-shifter, they are the answer to most any lifting question.

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL


satan165 said...

been piloting forklifts daily since about 96. your use of them is artistic. well done.

Tommy Riley said...

I dig how there's a tow truck in the background. That's one productive day.

Gabriel said...

You bring up a good point. The tow truck came for Matt, but he wasn't prepared for that task and we had to bail out the tow truck. That's why forklifts are King.

Dave Tohtz said...

simple truths are the best.