Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Saisons; An Introduction

We want to start by thanking all those who came out for Small Animal Big Machine. You guys crushed that beer in record time and turned out in record numbers. Steering clear of an emotional, Tom Hanks sort of sappy moment, I'll just say thanks and extend our appreciation for supporting our endeavors.

Next endeavors:

At Half Acre we typically only maintian one house strain of ale yeast, so if we veer off the reservation a bit we usually source another strain and try to get a couple beers out of it. A one brew stand is no way to treat our one-celled sugar metabolizing friends.

We just scored some Saison yeast so we're brewing two back to back Saisons -- the first is a draft only beer called Dripping Saison. This is aimed at a core Saison to aid us all in gliding through the summer season with a stable go-to session anchor. We took a bit of it and roughed it up with some off-beat treatment that may or may not eek it's way out to you, but the bulk will be poured into growlers at our store.

The second Saison is part of a two-part double brew with our friends from Short's Brewing in Bellaire, MI. For the first half we hit the road and brewed it in MI at their facility this past Monday. The second will be brewed this Friday here on Lincoln Ave before heading out to the My Morning Jacket show.

The beer is called Captain Fantasy. We're brewing identical recipes at each location with two separate labels of our own interpretation. Captain Fantasy is a Saison brewed with pears and Sorachi Ace hops. The beer should be pleasantly off kilter and our time with Short's is always time well spent.

Captain Fantasy will be available in 22's and for growler pours.

See you here or there.

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering what the Michigan Captain Fantasy label looks like....

Anonymous said...

Loving the continued use of Ween-inspired beer names!

Ethan said...

Looking forward to both of them. Also, great job with the artwork (esp. the Capt. Fantasy).

little burdie said...

Will they be available this Friday?

Gabriel said...

These beers will not be available Friday. We will announce when. Dripping likely next Friday - not sure on Captain Fantasy.