Saturday, January 23, 2010

Celebrity Sausage

There were some real deserving candidates for this Sausage.  A lot of Passionate folks.  After serious scrutiny we chose Eric Hodek (pictured above).  This gentlemen has experience in the field and a real zest for encased meats.  Congrats to Eric Hodek.

We did want to make mention of some of the people that also had real chops, but lost out because we could only choose one to hog the glory.  We also wanted to point out that most people who threw their hat in the ring, threw it out on behalf of another. Beer and hot dogs attracts a very altruistic bunch, so here's to you. You're all stars.

Sara Murphy "The Sean Rafferty"
David W. Skrzyniarz "Chile The Great"
Mr. Sparkle
Doug Anderson "The Fancy Nancy"
Brian Riggins "McNathancuddys"
Joel Hawley
Kain Knowles "The Hedlinator"
Carrot 78 "Will Hobbs"

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL

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