Wednesday, January 20, 2010


We sell both 15.5 gallon & 5 gallon kegs at our brewery store. You guys can come right to us and pick up keg beers from our regular lineup, and also get kegs of special release beers that may only be available at the brewery. Everybody loves parties and no better way to spend time with friends than drinking fresh, draft beer at your home. A kegerator is a quality addition to any household.  Believe This.

(We recommend calling to reserve a keg first in order to guarantee the specific beer you're trying to get your hands on)

**We will be starting a program for special release beers that will allow people to pre order 5 gal. kegs. Give a call if interested.

Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL
773 248 4038


Anonymous said...

How much are kegs?

Gabriel said...

Prices vary depending on beer. Call for quotes on the beer you're looking for..

devilpanda said...

I know it's WAY too early to bring this up but any thought into selling off those used up Sanke kegs when/if you rotate them out to homebrewers? Hard to find a legit source for these and they're SOOO perfect.

Gabriel said...

If you're a homebrewer and you need a keg to make a kettle or whatever, then you can contact us directly and we can try to help you out. Do not, I repeat, do not, take our kegs and modify them to suit your homebrewing needs. We will send out the hounds.

devilpanda said...

No way...I'd never do that; hence the question about legit sources. Of course the simple thing to do is just stop by any frat house and offer up the $30 they laid down on the deposit for the used keg of crap from the night before but that's just wrong. Just trying to keep on the up and up here. I've heard of other breweries offering up their unusable kegs to HBs instead of just sending them to be recycled.

Gabriel said...

Your one of the good ones Devilpanda. If you need a 1/2bbl, give us a call.