Thursday, January 14, 2010


Half Acre merch & beer has been getting around lately.  

John Golden was seen on the Discovery Channel with a Half Acre shirt as he was climbing Mt. Everest.  I think that's a record for most miles traveled and an obvious elevation record.  We're still trying to get a photo of this.

Another faithful Half Acre fan recently took a trip to Salvador da Bahia, Brazil.  He brought some bombers of beer and apparently our brazilian brethren enjoyed them.

And I always throw in the Coolio shot when possible.

So, if you're traveling around and get a great shot of you or anyone in an exotic land with Half Acre gear.... send it to us, we'd like to show you off.


Half Acre Beer Co
Chicago, IL


Sleep said...

Picture of the Half Acre shirt during Everest climb attempt:

Gabriel said...

AHHH, yes.... thanks for that. A bizarre picture, for sure.

Sleep said...

That pic definitely does not look much like him but I think he was in agonizing pain at that moment. He was one tough dude, though.

Anonymous said...

if drinking half acre beer on the beach in brasil could make me look that good, i'd do it to.